.:: Qeshm International Incubator ::.

With the approach of supporting small and mid-size companies and providing suitable infrastructure for incubating innovative and idea-generator people, Qeshm Project Company started its activities with the registration number of 1256 dated July 15, 2004. Considering the importance of supporting ideas, knowledge-based companies, entrepreneurship and knowledge-based economic development, this company was changed to Qeshm International Incubator Center as one of the subunits of Free Zone Organization as per the suggestion of Qeshm Free Zone Organization and according to permit 103-1368 of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology dated August 15, 2005. Currently, it acts as the only international unit among Iranian development centers under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Qeshm Free Zone Organization.

Incubator centers are work spaces covered by government subsidies. Providing shared public and professional services and facilities and necessary consultations on scientific, management and juridical issues, they pave the grounds to build, breed and develop new scientific and technological departments.